Контекстная реклама. Разработка и запуск рекламных кампаний | Spanish-pilots

Contextual advertising

What is contextual advertising? It is a targeted advertisement correlated to the content of the page viewed by the user. Such kind of ad is more likely to be clicked due to its dedicated nature.

Ads can be placed on any kinds of sites and even search results pages basing on the keywords in the query. What is important, the procedure of placement is not human-facilitated – it is all done automatically.The contextual advertising enables your site to be in the top positions of search engines based on monthly payment at the rate of clicks.

We will introduce you to the basics of online advertising, help you understand how to integrate contextual advertising into your campaigns to get an instant effect, how to manage the budget and get the highest ROI on this currently most profitable online marketing tool. Our team will help you choose on the most suitable methods related to contextual advertising, like topic-based targeting, in-text hyperlinks, or geo-targeting. We may also group any of these methods in order to gain the highest efficacy and profitability of your business.