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создание игр на Unity3D

We develop in Unity3D: create once, deploy for multiple platforms

Recently, game makers all over the world turned their attention to Unity3D engine, that is #1 right now for mobile/PC game development and interactive content.

With Unity3D we can build and deploy games for 10 platforms simultaneously: modern browsers, Android, iOS, Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Linux, Flash, and MacOs. Moreover, this platform allows earning additional revenue with simple implementation of in-game software such as ads platforms like AdMob.
Due to the muptiplatform deployment option, adapted productive workflows, complete toolset, scalable load speed for various platforms, spacious Assets store, Unity3D engine is effective for the time and cost reduction.

SpanishPilots team consists of professional game developers and designers was selected and trained to create all types of Unity3D-based solutions, starting from small interactive mobile applications to 2D/3D multi-, singleplayer real-time games, 3D animations, characters or any other multimedia content that will correspond to customer individual needs.

Game and software development practices in our company always results in achieving the best project quality. If you want to create your own game, we will provide you with the full-cycled development process that includes the following steps:

  1. Project Design Document and SRS creation, that will be result-oriented
  2. Stunning design and visual effect creation
  3. Highly qualified project management and ongoing dialog regarding project issues
  4. High-quality project implementation (project development)
  5. QA for the project
  6. Project deployment for all the selected platforms

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